• Must have passed Welder B certification and be AWS certified in MIG welding to meet MT and UT inspection per quality assurance.
  • Basic shop mathematical aptitude and ability to thrive in a deadline driven environment.
  • Proficient in reading complex prints and specifications.
  • a.Table and charts
  • 1.Determine amperage and voltage settings.
  • 2.Determine weld size and amount of penetration.
  • 3.Determine correct procedure for required W-Specifications.
  • 4.Determine bend radius on arms.
  • b.Measuring Instruments
  • 1.Tape measure
  • 2.Heat stick-method for determining temperature of plate material.
  • 3.Weld Bead Gauge
  • 4.Metric gauge for Caltrans business
  • Verbally communicate in English language.
  • Must possess adequate dexterity and stamina to sustain expected production effectively.
  • Knowledge and awareness of the safety issues related to each operation performed within the department.

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